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    30 Day Alcohol FREE Challenge!
...for women who want to live healthier, more fulfilled lives without  relying on alcohol to get them through their day!
End the toxic relationship....Break up with alcohol today!
Believe me, I get it....You aren't an alcoholic...but you don't think you have a healthy relationship with alcohol....

Maybe you have thought about quitting....or maybe you have tried but can't seem to make it stick....

don't you want to see what will happen if you stop drinking for 30 days?!
sober mom, sobriety coach, sober mama
Do you feel like you need to stop drinking but don't necessarily need group meetings?
A little over three years ago I struggled with drinking...I was having trouble moderating but felt like it was the "normal" thing to drink.

I mean, I wasn't an alcoholic. At least not yet...
I finally realized that I needed to quit....
but, during that process I discovered there were not a ton of resources for those that wanted to give up alcohol except for rehab facilities and Alcoholics Anonymous.
Don't get me wrong....those resources are great.

But maybe you don't necessarily need that. Not everyone does.

Maybe you just don't see how alcohol is serving you any longer.

Maybe you want something better in life.

For someone who just wants some support and accountability and is able to stop drinking will resuming life and work and everything else, my coaching provides you with Inspiration, accountability, and  advice. 

I will share the things I learned when I gave it up for myself, as well as all the ways that my life has become truly better. And so will yours!
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sober mom, sober momma, sobriety, alcohol free
“Should I Stop Drinking?”
Tired of waking up every day feeling hungover or groggy?

Do you not have any energy to work out or get things done?

Do you let the day "get to you" and drown it out with wine at the end of the night?

Lacking productivity in the workplace or at home?

Have your relationships suffered because of the way you act when you are drinking?

Feel like you aren't engaged enough in your child's life?

Spending a Fortune on Alcohol every week?
I know how you feel. I was there too. 

Read my story below to find out how I changed my life for the better by just changing ONE

Breaking up with alcohol.

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My name is Courtney and I started my sobriety journey on August 26th 2015 after years of abusing alcohol and trying numerous times to quit.  

I started my blog, Soberly Chic, as a way to connect with other people who also had that lingering feeling that they needed to quit drinking.

I used to work 50 hours a week at a job I hated...only to come home and drink.

I would wake up each morning hungover and just always complete the bare minimum.

I was living life on autopilot and I wasn't happy.

So I stopped drinking.... and everything changed.

I got married, and I pursued new passions.

I now work from home running my three businesses...I am birth doula and yoga teacher and I LOVE what I do!

I schedule work on my own time, and never miss a moment with my daughter.

After I became a mom, I realized how many other women were struggling with drinking and the stress of child-raising.

I also realized that we were being bombarded with mommy wine culture fashion and humor.

Moms don't need wine or champagne.

Moms need self-care, a support system and an approach to total wellness....oh and maybe a nap!

I started offering private coaching as a way to have a greater impact on women's lives and to showcase how sobriety can give you a whole new life...
You don't have to be an alcoholic to want to quit drinking alcohol.

Make TODAY the first day of the rest of your life...

You will never regret making the decision to become alcohol free.

Try 30 days...if you hate it, you can always start drinking again.

Guess what? No one ever hates it!

sober momma, sobriety, should i stop drinking, hip sobriety
sober momma, sober, sobriety, hip sobriety
I didn't just wake up one day and decide to stop drinking alcohol.

Unfortunately, even though I knew I needed to quit, 
 I failed many times over many years.

Each time I resorted back to drinking, I seemed to do more damage to my relationships, career and happiness than I had before.

If you find yourself asking whether you should stop drinking or not, 

I understand the feeling of wanting to be Normal and have a couple drinks like everyone else;
 however, there is nothing normal about having a destructive relationship with alcohol.

I promise, that once you see how good life can be WITHOUT ALCOHOL,
 you will wish you would have given it up years ago. 

I am 3 years SOBER by choice 
and I want to show you how.

I am simply a woman who wanted more for herself and learned how to finally live the life I deserved.  

Should you stop drinking?
 The truth is, alcohol is a depressant...Even drinking moderately has a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

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Being a mom isn't easy...but it's a lot harder with alcohol! 
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